Are organic eggs better?

For a while I’ve been wondering about organic food; whether it’s actually better, or if it’s just more expensive, and the benefits aren’t really significant. With the pandemic, we all changed our habits. And by staying at home more I found myself eating more eggs than I used to. Before I worked for home, I hardly ever had breakfast, much less took the time to fry a couple of eggs. So, it was the perfect moment to dig deeper into what I was giving my body. 

As I searched online, I realized organic eggs are about 120% more expensive. Is it worth it? 

Here’s what makes eggs organic:

  • Flocks are smaller. This gives chickens more space, it’s easier for them to go outdoors, and they receive better individual care. 
  • Chickens spend enough time outdoors. They receive sun and get to exercise. Sunlight is fundamental for nutrients to really work, and exercise makes them healthier. Healthier chickens means better quality of eggs.
  • Organic food for chickens. What the chicken eats will eventually become what you eat. If they have a healthy diet, their eggs will have more nutrients. Therefore, they don’t eat genetically modified grains or feed. 
  • No use of hormones, antibiotics or other drugs. Traditional farms tend to use antibiotics regularly to prevent them from getting ill, which is common when their living conditions are far from ideal. Organic farming allows chickens to grow naturally and only get treated when necessary.   

In a nutshell, what does this mean?

Space, daylight and spending time outdoors are key elements for a chicken to be a chicken. They get to have natural behaviors, such as foraging, running and dust-bathing. Their living conditions look after their overall wellbeing, which means avoiding illness, stress and anxiety. All of these are causes for toxins, which end up in the eggs they lay. So, by ensuring the chickens have a happy and healthy life, their eggs will be more nutritious. 

One thing to consider is that if you’re not used to having organic eggs, you’ll be surprised with the color of the yolk: a light yellow. Many eggs are modified to have the yolks be a brighter yellow color, which is supposed to look tastier. Lighter is not worse, it’s more natural.   

Extra tip: Egg labels can be confusing. Aside from organic you can also find free-cage or free range. This doesn’t mean organic. Organic is the highest level or standards, and includes what they eat and the lack of antibiotics, for example.

So, is it worth it? I’m not going to lie, the extra cost made me think about it twice. But, in the end, we eat to nurture our body. We don’t think twice when we spend money for entertainment, fashion, technology, or other indulgences, so why do it with our food?

Picture: Pexels


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