How to make your morning orange juice better

When you think about the perfect idea of breakfast you’re most likely going to picture a fresh orange juice. 

A large glass of vivid yellow orange juice is always present in movies, TV shows, commercials and even morning shows, but most importantly it’s present in our childhood memories. 

It’s a fact that food is directly linked to our emotions and our memories. Think about it. Which is the food or dish that you link to a moment in your life that made you feel good, safe, happy?

For me, orange juice is one of my most beloved emotional food memories. I remember when I was about six years old and my grandmother would always make me a freshly squeezed orange juice. Before she gave it to me, she would add a few drops of Vitamin C to make it even better. For some strange reason, I didn’t like orange juice in its natural state, but I loved it with that additional ingredient. 

Now, weekend breakfasts in my house always have an orange juice, or a version of it. I no longer add Vitamin C, but I’ve looked for different additional ingredients to boost it’s nutritious properties. 

First of all, this signature breakfast drink isn’t always the healthiest choice. Bottled orange juice is just a sugary drink. Because of all the process it goes through, the juice loses its nutritious properties and even its taste. So, companies usually add sugar, corn syrup or other artificial flavor, as well yellow food coloring to compensate. For it to actually be nutritious it has to be squeezed directly from the fruit to your glass.  

Here’s how I make it even better

Don’t squeeze. When you just squeeze the orange you lose fiber and oranges are rich in fiber. So, instead, I put the complete peeled orange in the blender and I keep the pulp. 

Add more ingredients. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, but you can always make them richer. So, I add one or two extra fruits, like a tangerine or a couple of guavas. 

The extra elements. I add a bit of fresh ginger root and a little of turmeric powder. These ingredients boost the antioxidants — which the orange already provides — add anti-inflammatory properties and help your digestive system. 

The sweet spot. When oranges aren’t very sweet I add a tiny spoon of organic honey.

Blend it together. Add a little water, blend and serve! This juice will boost the immune system too.

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